Sunday, October 23, 2011

Special Boy

This boy melts my heart in so many ways.  Ryder is extremely special and yet I'm not even sure he realizes it.  I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, caring, rule following, loving, funny four-year old.  I mean really funny.  Like...where do you come up with this stuff kind of funny.

Sometimes it is the most trivial things that mean the most to this green coat.  He found it on one of our after Church outings to Costco.  The Costco trips we make every Sunday after Mass and a trip to Taco Cabana.  Taco Cabana...the reason he skips breakfast before church.  The place where he loves the Tortillas and the Queso.  The place he knows his Grandparents will be and usually his cousins too. 

We had a day last week that was cool enough for a jacket and the green coat came out of the closet.  He wore it to the Pumpkin Patch at school.  His face spells S-A-D.  Sad he was...he needed me that day.  A little uncharacteristic of him...he's usually fine without me.  He was tough and survived the rest of the day at school.

A few other things he loves right now...Disney World's Haunted Mansion, pretending to play restaurant, the carwash, pizza, vanilla ice cream, his "Best Pal" Pluto, trips to his Grandparent's house, Sonic Grilled Cheese with a Powerade Slush, and despite my better judgement..."Phineas and Ferb".