Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday- Candy Corn Finale

It is officially the last Tuesday in October and my last time to post about the deliciousness of Candy Corn for a whole year.  I'm a little bit sad.

Today we made a few turkeys.  For the past two years I have seen the Oreo Cookie Turkeys that use Candy Corn for the feathers.  The only problem... by the time late November rolls around, all of the candy corn is off of the shelves in the store (and in my pantry).  This year I decided to stock up on the candy corn so I'd have enough left to make these little treats in November.

We did a trial run this afternoon...Rustin has to bring a "Fall" snack to share at school.  Turkeys are really not "Fall" when I think about it...but we made these cute acorns to go with them (and I'm pretty sure acorns are a "Fall" thing).
The acorns are so easy.  I've seen them on Pinterest made several different ways.  A lot of recipes call for Nutter Butters, but the boys school is a Peanut free zone, so we chose to use mini-vanilla wafers.  Here is how you assemble them.
You'll need Kisses, a small cookie (we chose the mini Nilla wafers), pretzel sticks, and chocolate icing.
 Squirt some icing on the flat (bottom) side of the cookie.  This is my master of all things icing.  In case you were wondering...he can "do it all by himself".  Make sure you get enough icing on the cookie that it "glues" the cookie and the kiss.
Attach the Hershey kiss to the cookie. Allow it to dry for a few minutes.  Next, put a small dab of icing on a pretzel stick (approximately 1/4" in length) and attach it to the other side of the cookie.  The end result looks like this.

The Turkeys are really simple too!  I followed the directions on  Cookies and Cups only making a few modifications.  Hershey kisses instead of chocolate covered marshmallows and I skipped the red icing gel for the gobble.   Also..I took the cookies apart and squirted a little icing in the middle.  This will help hold the cookie together a little more securely while you are attaching everything to it.

That's it!