Monday, August 25, 2008

Did Somebody Say Cheese?

It is amazing to me how babies are like little sponges, picking up on things so quickly! I was cooking dinner and Ryder was scootin' around getting into things he was not supposed to. I decided to get my camera out in case anything became picture worthy. As soon as Ryder saw me holding the camera, he stopped scrunched up his face and smiled! Assuming he thought I should take his picture, this was the dialogue that followed...

Me: Say Cheese, Ryder!

R: Bounce up and down while scrunching his face and making a ridiculous smile ( See Above)
Me: Ryder, Smile Pretty for Mama

R: See Above. It was too funny!

And, since according to my blog, my child never cries. He always has a huge smile glued to his face. Ha! I thought I'd set the record straight. This was the melt down (ok, lets face it, the tantrum) we had last week. I was trying to get some pictures for his Birthday Invitation since that is next month (hello??!!! Where has the year gone??). No smiles that day, but I made due with the shots I got!


Janelle said...

He's adorable even when he is crying! Is he almost a year? Where did the time go? WOW!

Misty Rice said...

He looks so much like his mama, I always find it interesting to see lttle boys looking like mom and little girls looking like dads. This way you get to see the opposite of you gender wise. LOL

Morgan looks just like daddy, but sometimes I see just a peek of me coming through.

Love the cheese face and the fit.... HA!!! Too cute.