Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love This!!

OK, so anyone who has a child that is Ryder's age knows that there independence is starting to emerge. Ryder wants to do things himself, but he is not always successful! For Example, he wants to hold his cup himself...but that is a feat. Either A. We are going to spill it everywhere or B. We try a sippy cup, but don't grasp the concept that you have to tilt it back for anything to come out. Until Abracadabra! I found the most amazing cup. It uses the concept of a straw, but it is leak proof! You can throw it across the room and nothing comes out. Alright, don't hold me to that, but it is pretty amazing! We can now sit in the kitchen and drink our milk out of a cup, by ourself...just like a big boy! I recommend! Munchkin Brand at Target!


The Sabins said...

Whats up chica!

My youngest is the messiest little thing so I am always on the lookout for good products - I might just have to try this out.

Oh- and I love that little tent - too cute!