Monday, August 11, 2008

Tummy Troubles

Our poor Ryder has been having tummy troubles for a few days now. It is so hard as a first time parent to decipher if and what is wrong with this little thing who can't talk. Thursday he had some runny diapers, but other than that acted more than fine. I attributed it to teething which in the past has sometimes given him some messy diapers. I decided that teething was not the culprit Thursday evening when I was trying to feed him dinner. He really was not interested in eating...a green look came over his face which then resulted in a fountain shooting from his mouth. Now we have had a spitter-upper on our hands since pretty much day one, let me say that spit-up in no way compared to what I experienced. It was an Old Faithful like event. I called the Doctor, but being that it was after hours I talked to a nurse who said a Bug was going around and that all should be better within 24 hours although some messy diapers could linger. And they poor little man. His biscuits (what we call his rear) are so raw and the yuck just leaks through his clothes..we can't go anywhere. I have been worrying so much about dehydration, especially since we are in the Hot of the summer, and made the executive decision last night to make an appointment this morning. I always fight with whether to or to not make a Doctors appointment because what if he really is or is not sick and the Doctor may leave the office saying crazy first time parent....but what has been going on in this little tummy just doesn't seem right. Keep your fingers crossed we find some relief!


Janelle said...

Good luck! Tummy bugs are NO FUN! Tori and I both had the stomach flu last Fall, and I ended up taking her to the ER b/c I was so worried about her getting dehydrated. She hated the Pedialyte, but if your doc okays it, Gatorade worked miracles. She drank a whole 2 liter in about 6 hours (but, she was also older then than Ryder is now, so...). Anyway, I hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww, there is nothing worse that seeing your little ones hurting like that! I think you did the right thing scheduling the apt... better safe than sorry ya know?! Let us know how he does!