Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby, Swim Lessons & Lip Gloss

It has been a really weird week. The weather has been pretty wet, so we haven't been able to get outside much….but we've still stayed fairly busy.

We got some different news on Monday about the Baby. We still haven't picked a name for him yet, so for now I am continuing to call him the "Baby". After reviewing his ultrasound pictures, they found he has a condition called Echogenic Bowel. Monday, I go to the Perinatologist, so that he can get a better look with his ultrasound equipment. At first, we were very scared. I have decided that reading about a condition on the Internet is not a good thing. Matt acted very strong for me, but I think we were both equally worried. After two antagonizing days of knowing about this, but not really knowing what it was, we saw my OB. She really calmed our fears. I have been praying hard and I really feel this little stinker is going to be fine. We still need to see the Perinatologist on Monday for a final verdict.

On a happier note, Ryder started Swim Lessons! All who read this blog know how much he loves the water, so I knew he would fancy the opportunity to get in a big pool of the stuff. I wasn't sure how he would react to a girl he didn't know taking him away from me and into the pool, but he didn't mind at all. I sat where I could watch and he could see me. He laughed the entire time and his instructor said he did really well. Obviously, we are a long way off from swimming....but I guess you have to start somewhere! Of course with everything else going on that day, I forgot my camera...but I snapped a couple with my very bad camera phone. My phone...poor thing has been through it all, but I can't part with it until my contract is up in October, so I will have to deal with its poor capabilities awhile longer.

Lip gloss. I panicked and didn't take any pictures of this incident. Matt and I were going to the Ranger's Game last night, which incidentally was rained out. But, we still headed up there and I devoured a plate of Nachos which I loved at the time and then later regretted. I digress, back to the Lip gloss. I am getting ready in my bathroom and Ryder is in my room with the door closed, in my opinion contained. I am in the same room and can watch everything he I thought. He is infatuated with Matt's sound machine...he has the thunderstorm going and turns the volume all the way up. I go over to turn the volume down and realize that there is hot pink lip gloss all over the machine.....look to the floor and find a tube of hot pink lip gloss on the floor. Hot Pink lip gloss all over the beige carpet. My eyes go toward Ryder who is now in the bathroom...a Hot Pink Monster. Hot Pink Face, Hot Pink Shirt, Hot Pink Legs, Hot Pink Hands...I wanted to cry! I yanked off his shirt and threw him in the shower. I couldn’t really punish him because it was my inability to properly monitor him that caused the whole incident. He loves the shower and was perfectly content there while I got the Oxyclean and started scrubbing the carpet. I know what you must be long was she not looking at him? I promise this guy is FAST! I got everything except for the shirt cleaned up before Matt got home. When he got home, I went into my automatic defense mode; how I don't know how he could have possibly gotten the tube of lip gloss...I was right there the entire time, Etc...Etc... He laughs and says, "Well did you at least take a picture?". "NO"! I was too panicked! Here is a picture of the Lip Gloss. It is not sheer at all and is actually more like liquid lipstick. It is totally a shade from 1992 and I really have no idea why I even had this in my drawer!
Finally, typically Ryder goes to MDO on Thursdays. I am being the wacko Mom and keeping him home today. I really think the whole Swine Flu thing is being blown out of proportion by the Media, but I am going to play it safe and not take him anywhere that he can stick tons of foreign toys/objects in his mouth and get sick or bring some kind of sick home to us.

Hope you guys are all well...I have been out of the loop this week, but am going to catch up on my blog reading now!


Mary said...

Well ten seconds after reading your post I heard a loud noise...had left the kids in my bedroom for about 15 seconds-long enough for ty to find my red drink (kool aid) on the bedside table. I've been scrubbing ever since :) no judgment here!

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated on your baby boy..we'll keep praying! The lip gloss is hysterical... I can totally relate. I'm going to try to post a video on our blog to show you what happened the other day when I left Trevor in what I thought was a completely Trevor-proofed area.

Mary said...

I forgot to add that do please let us know how the baby is doing after your appointment--praying you don't have to make the visit to the perinatologist a regular thing...I know it's not always the most stress-free place to be :)

Connors said...

It's a good thing we're in Indiana then. Ryder and Evan would be nothing but trouble together. Isn't it amazing how fast they are? Our priest even commented on it once when he saw me chasing Evan. We'll say prayers for your baby - he's just a classic 2nd child - always making mama worry. (I'm a 2nd child - I was the queen of it as a baby.) ;-)