Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say a Prayer...

I just got off the phone with a friend from my bible study class. She and I got pregnant right around the same time. Her baby is due two weeks after our baby. She received some devastating news today and is in desperate need of prayers.

Her Quad-screen came back abnormal and she was scheduled for an ultrasound today. She went in hoping everything would show up normal and she would be able to find out if the little thing was a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, they were told that the baby has Potter's Syndrome. I am not educated on what Potter's Syndrome exactly is, but I do know that the Baby has no kidneys and her amniotic fluid has run out. They were not able to determine the sex of the baby because the lack of amniotic fluid prevented the baby from being able to move.

I can not imagine what she must be feeling right now. She said to me, "I thought I'd find out whether we were having a boy or a girl and instead I am making funeral arrangements". I sat on the other end of the phone not knowing what to say....what can I say...I am sorry...but I know that is not what she wants to hear. Please pray for her and her family. She goes back on Monday for another ultrasound...I will be praying for a miracle on Monday and for God's comfort in this most hard time.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying, Joy. Thanks for sharing.

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

I'm so sorry, Joy - I'll definitely pray for your friend. :(

If the time becomes appropriate, you could forward her those links (string of pearls, be not afraid, etc).


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

That is so heartbreaking.... bless her heart and little angel.

Ill be praying. Please keep up posted.

Mary said...

Oh how devastating. I know too well how hard it is to find words to comfort a friend during their struggle for a healthy baby while I myself had a healthy baby in my belly. It makes you no more responsible for their pain but it can certainly feel like you make it harder. You don't. I'm sure she feels comfort knowing you are praying for her. We all will be too. Keep us posted