Saturday, April 18, 2009

Need to Make a Post...

Why did this week seem so crazy? I am realizing that the weekend is here and I haven't made a post since last weekend.

Monday seems so long ago that it is almost just a blur. We were in Dallas for me to get some work taken care of and so that Ryder could attend his Music Class.
Yes....Ryder takes a Music Class one day a week. We are making progress at first he seemed to really enjoy the class, so I committed him to the semester. Then it began to feel more like a chore for me than something rewarding for him. He NEVER wanted to do what the class was supposed to be doing, he spent most of his time laying flat on the floor seeing if he could make his voice louder than the music in the room or digging into a cabinet that he was not supposed to be in. As we approach the end of the semester it seems that although we are still not always participating in the activity at hand, instead of screaming we are now laughing at the teacher and other kids. Even though he still spends more of his time putting the shakers and jingle-bells in his mouth rather than using them for their intended purpose, and although we still sometimes get into the cabinets where we don't belong....I am happy to report that we are very excited to help put the instruments away at the end of an activity. Finally, even though he still stares blankly at the teacher when she asks him to repeat a rhythm pattern into her fist (pretend microphone), he will repeat them to Mommy at home. Sigh!

Tuesday....if I only had my camera outside! Ryder and I were two doors down playing outside at my friend Paula's house. She has a little boy, Bryce, who is about 4 months older than Ryder. She also has two older girls (which will be pertinent later)...approximately 5 and 7. Let me just take this opportunity to say that I am so blessed to know Miss Paula and we are so lucky to have her as a friend and neighbor! I digress...onto the details... Paula's older girls decided to put a Disney Princess Tent up in the Yard. They even pulled out an extension cord and the Jam-Box so they could play tunes from High School Musical or something like that! They were so proud.....until we heard this being yelled from inside the tent walls...."Mom, the BOYS (a.k.a. Ryder and Bryce) are Ruining the Tent! ". Seems that a Big Pink Tent was right up these two boys alley...they would go in, laugh, get kicked out by the girls and go right back was really funny to watch!

Wednesday....Two words, Stomach Virus. Ick. I don't think pregnant women should have to get this yucky bug, but I got it. And so did our two big girls... Autumn and Blue. It was not pretty, but I spent the day with the most wonderfully behaved 1.5 year old who made not a single fuss. Thank goodness since Daddy had a business dinner after work and wouldn't be home until after we were both long in bed for the night.Thursday....Work all day, but I was fully recovered from Wednesday it would seem. I was even able to squeeze lunch in with my two sisters which is always nice.

Friday....and then there was rain. I mean it poured...we ventured out to the mall so that we wouldn't get bored in the house all day. Ryder definitely belongs to his Mama and Daddy who are avid people watchers. I mean we are BAD. BR (Before Ryder) we used to take Mexican Vacations so that we could lie on the beach all day and watch people. We go to restaurants and both tune in on other patron's conversations then try to figure out there life story. Ryder could stay at the mall all day just because he loves to look at all of the people. I did what I always said I would never do and became a mall walker. We walked the entire lower level 4 times to get my daily walking in. Just FYI, at a quick pace you can walk the lower level of the Parks Mall in 40 minutes! We finished it up with lunch with friends at the food court...woohoo...and a stop at Children's Place! Um....huge sale! I got everything off of the clearance rack and was even stocking up on nice Chino Shorts for next spring and summer because they were ringing up at $3.50. There is also a coupon out for 10% go shopping ladies!

That brings us to apologies for the lack of pictures in this post, but I just feel relieved to have a post!