Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raising Boys Part II....

Do you sometimes make a post, only to re-read it and find you did not entirely say what you were meaning? I am pretty sure I said what I was meaning in the post entitled "Raising Boys", but I left a major part out.

As I read through the post again, I noticed that the word "I" was used repetitively. Believe me, this house is not all about "I" is about "Us". I think that being primarily a stay at home mom, I can sometimes get wrapped up in thinking that I am the only one here instilling morals, discipline and every day knowledge into the little brain that toddles around our house. But ohhh, I am not.

My husband is a rock. He is a strong, strong Man. He has a gentle side, but for some reason he is afraid to let very many people see it. All of us who love him the most...his Mom, his Sisters and Myself know that gentleness is there. I love to watch him play with Ryder. I love to watch him tackle our older nephews. I love to watch him chase his nieces...just to hear them squeal "No! Uncle Matt!".

He made me laugh earlier today when he told me that he had read my blog. He said, "Babe, don't you know that I am also here to ensure that Ryder and the New Baby turn out to be good people....look at me, I am not a jerk.....wait I am, but only sometimes!". I just had to lean back in my chair and let out a chuckle because that is so "Matt". This is also what prompted me to re-read the posting.

The truth is this: From the minute Matt walks in the door every evening, Ryder is on "Cloud Nine". There is nobody in this world that is better than his is written all over his face. I know that my husband will be right next to his boys every step of the way to teach them right from wrong and good from bad.

The Two of "Us" will work together to make these Boys "Whole".


Mary said...

Someone asked me a few days ago how I know you...I was like, "Well I feel like I do but I've never really met her!" You are one of those people that I do feel like I know and hope to meet you and Ryder (and new baby boy!) one day so I assumed Matt was your equal. I assumed he was just as kind as you are so the fact that he helps you raise your kids and is a huge influence was already part of the deal!!