Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why hunt Eggs....when I can Slide?

Ryder had an Easter Egg Hunt today at Mother's Day Out! I was so excited for him and thought he'd LOVE, LOVE the Eggs since they kind of resemble a ball! We've been practicing putting all of his assortment of balls away at night in their I thought putting eggs in a basket would be easy-breezy!

I was wrong....I mean really, why would we want to put toys away...or eggs in a basket... when we could run with a bunch of kids our size and go up and down the slide 10 million and 1 times? He had a blast nonetheless! His teacher was also nice enough to evenly split up the eggs among the kids when they got back to their even though my little hunter didn't collect a single egg...he still came home with a little bag full! Is that kind of like every kid/team getting a trophy these days? Maybe.... but we won't go into my mantra of kids needing to understand that sometimes it is o.k. to lose.

Mom of the Year here forgot to take a Basket for him to put his eggs in, but did manage to take some pictures!