Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Sadness

I was in the middle of preparing a post about what we've been up to when I received a devastating email. I have requested prayers many times for my friend Lisa and her family. Your prayers are needed more now than ever. Sadly, the Bank's baby passed away just moments ago. Please pray that the Lord be with this sweet family and the Angel that he has taken to be with him. You can read more about the journey through their Blog. I keep listening to the lyrics of the song "I Can Only Imagine" as it plays on their blog. I guess that is really the only way to describe how I feel right now. Words really can't describe the heartache they must be feeling right now. I know Lisa, her husband Jason, and all of us praying for her were waiting for a miracle. This baby was obviously meant for a much higher purpose than anything that could have been acted out here on Earth. I feel comfort in knowing that Baby Banks will never experience the pain and sin that are present in this fallen world, but rather will only know the joy and love of those in heaven.

Lisa...I don't know what to say to you sweet friend....that is the hardest part. I would never want to be where you are today...but that is why God put you there. So many of us would not have the strength to handle what he has handed you. You should be so, so proud. You have been so resilient. All of our love is with you and tears are streaming down my face as I type these words to you. Always know we are here when you are ready...Joy


Misty Rice said...

After attending and photographing 19 month old Edna Mae's funeral service Friday, its all I listed to in the car and sang really loud "I can only imagine"...... I can only imagine a parents pain in such circumstances, heartache, questions, pain, sadness and more....

I am sorry for this family, but also rejoice in knowing that child will never lose its innocence or experience the worldly pain. I know that is easier to say standing in my shoes today, because if it where my child I would in a way be selfish enough to want my child to go through some of that stuff if it meant I get to keep them a little longer.

We have to be constantly reminded that they are NOT solely our children either...they are HIS foremost. That is the trusting part.

I often wonder if I would ever be so strong either.... I don't know that I could be or would be. I have anxiety and heartache for losses of children I never even knew. My mind GOES THERE...and its scary.

Ill keep them in my prayers.

Praying for your upcoming days as well.

The Hoelscher Five said...

Amen Joy!!! Beautifully written!

Jen Hoelscher