Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nearing the End

It would seem that I am finally nearing the end of this pregnancy. Matt asked me tonight, "How are you feeling....ready to have the kid?". I laughed and replied, "Why? Do I look miserable?". He kindly said, "No, I can just tell you are uncomfortable.".

Side Note: Did I mention that Matt says things like "The Kid" and "The Boy" just so that he can hear me squeal. I tell him Ryder has a name, he is not "The Boy". For some reason, "The Boys" (plural) isn't as bad to me, so lucky for him that we will have two of them. Now I won't have a reason to squeal.

I guess he is right...I am uncomfortable. My diaphragm hurts, my sides hurt and my bladder really hurts. I assume it is my bladder...something in that region of the body hurts. I am definitely bigger this time. I tell myself that it is because my body has already been stretched, so naturally I am bigger. It is definitely not the Ice cream or the Oreos that I can not seem to resist. My "Fat Girl Clothes" aka Maternity wear are all getting too short. What I mean, is that my belly always seems to hang out..great visual, right? I refuse to go buy more. I am just wearing the same three shirts that don't show white trash belly over and over and over get the idea. I have already started daydreaming about wearing my regular clothes again. Now just everyone cross your fingers that I will be able to fit in them!

Ryder is oblivious to the fact that his world is going to be turned upside down in a few short weeks. He goes in "Plus One's" room, but I am pretty sure he thinks that is just a fun new room to run into when I accidentally leave the door open. Who can blame him? I am not even in reality yet. I keep wondering when it will all hit me. When will the reality of having two babies at home finally sink in? Maybe when I bring "Plus One" home. I pray that I will be able to give them both all of the love and attention they need. I already love this little baby inside of me, but I sometimes wonder how my heart will be able to love the love I give Ryder times two. I guess that sounds...weird...but surely I am not the first person to feel that way.

I am blaming my fewer post on my lack of energy. I know, I doesn't take a lot of energy to sit down at a computer and type. But, it does take energy to do the things I used to do during the day which I then would blog about. Ryder and I have been home bodies lately and as much as I know you would love to hear about what went on with the latest episodes of Sesame Street and Clifford...I'll spare you!

One of my favorite Blogs Grasshopper Momma just posted a fun little Q&A. I think I'll have the energy to replicate her questions and fill you in on some details about us/me this weekend. Until guys have fun...and Happy Birthday, Heather!


Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

Have you heard of Bella bands? They're overpriced pieces of fabric, but you can go on Ebay and order knockoffs for way cheaper. Anyhow, I used them to cover the white trash belly show at the end, and then after delivery - they helped cover my belly when nursing, and also helped my squishy-belly feel less squishy. I highly recommend them. I had white, black and brown - and I want to say I paid $10?? They just looked like I had a tank top on under my shirt.

I win 'random comment of the day.'


Anonymous said...

Aww... thanks for the birthday wishes Joy! I've been missing your's good to hear from you! ;-). Oh, and I second Allison...and I think Target sells knock-offs now, but I haven't looked closely, so I could be wrong.

I can tell you that VERY soon after Tatum was born (days, not even weeks) I did have that, "Oh dear, what have I done, somebody please take this baby away and give me back my son, because I know him, understand him, and he needs me."

But within a weeks time, those sweet moments started happening between the two and my boy realized his mommy was "back"... not the pregnant, sick, tired, mommy...but the mommy he had fun with.

"Plus one" will capture your heart the same way Ryder did. He will remind you of Ryder, and then again be such a newly unique creation that you'll marvel all over again at God's perfect design.

You will find that you are an even better mother than you ever thought you were. Every time you figure out a new little trick to make life with two reasonable... you'll get that same feeling you did when you aced that test in school that other people failed. (And I know you did that...hello? remember Dan Smith's Chemistry?)

And even when you're at your wits end (which will certainly happen) you will be reminded that God is fully in control and has equipped you with everything you need to get through with His help.

Oh, and it's still sinking in for me, and she's nearly 7 months old! I get a little more excited about knowing her every day.

It's gonna be AWESOME Joy.

Janelle said...

Somehow we all manage. I remember feeling exactly like you described: "How am I going to do this with TWO!?!?!" Thank God I got an easy newborn - she's a different story now, but the adjustment phase was much easier than I anticipated. I remember feeling bigger and more uncomfortable toward the end, too. If it weren't so blasted hot, I'm sure you would have more energy.
Hang in there - you'll make it :)

Any names for Mr. Plus One?