Friday, August 28, 2009

An Interesting Year...

We had "Meet the Teacher" last night at Ryder's pre-school. It should be an interesting year. He went to the same school last year, one day a week. This year, he will be required to attend two days a week because of his age. I fully know, that I am probably more nervous than him. Honestly, it is likely that I am blowing the whole thing out proportion. I'm so scared though. He cried his eyes out last night when we showed him his room. He was a LOT better once he realized we (Matt and I) weren't leaving and two of the little girls from his Thursday class last year were there. Tuesday is going to pull my heartstrings though.

Do you know what a "Mean Mom" it makes me feel like to leave my child in a strange room screaming, while I just walk away? Heck, I already feel guilty enough that in less than 2-weeks (thats right folks.. September 8 is the big day if it doesn't happen before) we are going to turn his world upside down with the introduction of "Plus One" who will be stealing some of the limelight he has bathed in the last 2 years.

Everybody tells me it is good for him to get out and socialize. Better for him to learn to be away from me now, then to experience it for the first time in kindergarten. And, I know, I will be grateful that he is able to spend a few hours a week in a place where he is getting to play outside, go to music and learn new things...all while I am learning all the ins and outs of "Plus One".

On the plus side, we did find out that he will be required to start throwing his lunch away when he is finished. He has to sit at the table to eat his lunch, not in a booster or highchair. (We were practicing this in the picture..he sits there, but then tends to want to graze i.e. get down and play..then come take a bite.)

He will also have to start picking up toys. I initially worried about these things. I don't want him to be in trouble because he obviously hasn't mastered all of these objectives yet. Then, I decided to look at it from a new perspective: Maybe some of these good habits will follow him home!

He also loved the class fish "Prince Erick". We discovered that Hermit Crabs make him laugh..they make me a little nervous. Don't those things pinch your fingers? There is a slide in his classroom which he went up and down a zillion times. And, it sounds like they are going to get to do lots of sensory and craft activities.

Think of me next week...think of Matt next week. Between sending Ryder off and knowing that there is less than a week left of my life as I know it being a Parent of One...I am sure to be driving him crazy!


Mary said...

Will pray for you and Matt! I have NO wisdom to share! Sorry! I'm telling myself the same things but yesterday was hard :( I have to say he is singing the songs from yesterday and when I asked him if he wanted to go to school expecting a big NO! He said "okay Ty go to school." whoa.

Heather said...

You've got a lot goin' on friend! As if being days away from having a baby isn't nerve-wrackign enough! I'll be praying for peace of mind for you all and that Ryder will have a smoothe adjustment to MDO. By the way, I think you will be VERY glad to have those couple of days a week with one-on-one with Plus One. It tore me up that Tatum was never able to be the center of our world the way Trevor was... I always felt like I was slighting her. So maybe this way, +1 will have at least of few hours a week!

I can't believe you're so close!

Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

Good luck with everything. I'll be praying for you guys. I think things will work out just fine though.