Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plus One

We had our final sonogram appointment for "Plus One" today. I would post the prints, but they are kind of fuzzy and I don't think they will scan very clear. He was moving all around and letting everyone know that he can't wait to meet us!

To clarify, I had two appointments today, a regular Doctors visit and then the sono this afternoon. I told Matt go to work this morning because he had a major audit on his job that I felt was very important for him to be at. He met me this afternoon and we went to the Sono together.

I actually got big crocodile tears in my eyes as the reality of having two kids began to sort of settle in. It was one of those instances where I was by myself, except for the Doctors in the exam room, and a wave of tears came over me. I had no idea why...they weren't sad tears...they were more like tears of shock and then great joy. I have an amazing Doctor and she just stood there and stroked my arm. I couldn't have asked for anything better at the moment.

Ryder and I had lunch after my first appointment at McAllister's. We love, love, love that place! I know there are only a few opportunities left for us to have time with just the two of us, so I am eating up as much as I can. I watched him eating his grilled cheese and drinking his tea (yes I give him tea because he loves it) and realized that he has no idea how his life is about to change. Crocodile Tears well up in my eyes again. In my head, I tell myself it is just the hormones. I remember right after Ryder was born I would cry and cry. Matt would ask me what was wrong and I'd say nothing...I just can't quit crying for some reason. This has got to be the same sort of cry...just happening before the baby gets here this time. Anyway, I am sending up my prayers tonight, that this transition will be an easy one for him. I can't believe the time is drawing so I am just excited to meet the little man who is jabbing my insides and keeping me up all the hours of the night!


Misty Rice said...

Thanks for the tears this morning too..... you are SO close.

And you are doing such an amazing job on your blog pages. Do you do it in photoshop?

Mary said...

Love love love the new look!! I'm gonna start having little competitions between you and Heather--whoever can get and keep both kids down at the same time for naps gets to makeover my blog! LOL

if it wouldn't cause headaches to my older relatives who read my blog I swear I'd change it once a week because they are just so fun to look at!

Those tears are God's way of telling you that you are a momma. I read somewhere that God made mothers because He couldn't be everywhere at once. So not true but I think you can sense what He feels for us just a little bit when you think of your kids. Plus one will be a happy edition to your lunch dates. Here's hoping he likes the car better than my Joy does ;)

Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

I remember the crying after Prestley was born. I thought I was going crazy. I've been thinking a lot about how Prestley's life is going to change when our baby gets here (she's made it clear she doesn't want a I know that once Baby Sto gets here, she'll adapt and be a great big sister. It'll take me a little longer to adapt to having 2

Anonymous said...

I'd say the tears mean it's finally sinking in friend! ;-) It only gets better Joy... hectic? yes. frustrating at times? yes. Even still, it's better. Two times the sweetness, two times the sloppy kisses, two times the grubby hands and little feet. Ryder will be a rock-star big brother. I canNOT wait to hear the news of +One's arrival and his name!!! such suspense!