Sunday, August 9, 2009

Q & A

My friend Mary published a Q&A post last week because she had received multiple emails asking the same questions. I have not received any emails asking any questions, but I thought it was a very fun, cute and informative I have decided to duplicate it here with just a few modifications! Here we go:

1. How did you meet Matt and does he have any siblings?
Matt and I met while both attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. We were Construction Science Majors and coincidentally took an Architectural History Class together my Sophomore Year and his Junior Year. It was a large auditorium class, but somehow Matt and his buddies went from sitting a few rows behind me to right beside me over the course of a few weeks. I am a creature of habit..I sit in the same place every this at Church or anywhere I go multiple times. This is how I know it was he who moved, not me. He and his buddies had some study materials for the course and we exchanged phone numbers so that I could make copies. He did initially stand me up at the library on the day we were supposed to meet to make copies. I waited for probably an hour and then left. I still never let him forget that even though he had an explanation and apologized greatly. We became inseparable. He was and still is my absolute best friend. I married the best husband a woman could ask for in July of 2000 shortly after graduating from college. Matt is the youngest in his family with two older sisters ahead of him. We are blessed to have his parents and sisters nearby with their amazing older children who help show Ryder the ropes whenever they get the chance to see each other.

2. You've mentioned you have 3 in the world did you end up with 3 dogs?
We've had them forever...what can I say? Actually, we started out with our Dixie. She is a little Sheltie girl. My older sister was getting a dog when she graduated from College. She went with my Mom and younger sister to pick the dog up and there was another little pup hunkered down beside her that they couldn't stand to leave there. This is not abnormal for my family...lets just say they have a soft heart for puppies. Already having too many dogs at their house, they naturally decided I should take the second pup. I did...we named her Dixie after the Dixie Chicken...a little ole' bar on the Northside of College Station. Shortly after we were married (like a month shortly after) we decided we wanted a "Big" Dog. We found a man who had Weimerainer puppies and decided to go take a look. We chose our Miss Blue and then he offered the runt for half-price. Who can turn down half price? Not my husband! He brought home Miss Autumn and she is my thank goodness he did! That is how we ended up with 3 dogs who have been with us our entire marriage. As troublesome as they can be...and they can will not be the same without them one day.

3. Why did you wait so long to have kids?
Matt and I were married for a little over 7 years prior to having Ryder. Why? Well for starters, we married young. I was 22 and Matt was 23. We really didn't even think about kids when we were first married. We spent the time working, adjusting to our new lives of living together, traveling and bringing the finance side of our lives in order. When we were younger, we had a plan for everything and kids just did not fit into "Our Plan". For the longest time, we said we would never have kids. We were very happy. We held the philosophy of why fix what was not broken. Ahhh...but God has an amazing way of speaking to you and showing "His Plan".

It will be three years this December when Matt's Grandpa Smith passed away. He was an amazing man and we all still miss him dearly. He left on a Sunday morning with all of his children and family by his side...I couldn't imagine a better way of leaving this Earth and journeying to Heaven. Matt and I looked at each other that evening and said we wanted kids. Two months later, we found out Ryder was on his way. My Grandmother passed away shortly after I got pregnant with Ryder. We always say that we wish the two of them could have met Ryder, but I know in my heart they already have...they all knew each other before any of us met Ryder here on Earth.

4. How has Ryder adjusted to being moved out of his Nursery and into a "Big Boy" Room/Bed in anticipation of "Plus One's" arrival?
If you read my Blog very regularly, you probably already know the answer to this question. He initially did surprisingly well, then regressed slightly, and now we are back on track again. Like any new Mom, I walked into this whole parenting gig blind. The most important thing I have learned and would advise any other new Mom is this: persistence and scheduling is key. It can be frustrating, but if you are consistent with your direction you will win. Schedules will keep you and your little one sane. Kids thrive off of schedules and repetition. When either of these are broken your little one will most certainly leave only to be replaced by a scary monster you have never seen before!

5. You work from home? What exactly is it that you do?
Well...not a lot these days! I serve as an independent 3rd party consultant to financial institutions (aka Banks) on the Construction Loans they issue. Primarily, I will visit a construction site once a month to review the status/progress of the construction and compare this to the funds they have drawn against their loan for the prior month. The purpose is to protect the Bank's interest and ensure that the funds are being drawn at a rate that is comparable to the actual work in place. There are other items that are reviewed as well...but the above is the basic idea. Besides traveling to the sites, all of the work is done here on my computer in the form of a written report that is then emailed to the Bank. That is why I am able to do this work from home, which has been a blessing. With the down turn of the economic market and the decrease in the issuance of loans, my work has slowed over the past year. I don't get worked up over it, but know instead that it is all part of God's plan to help ease my transition from being a Mom of one Boy to a Mom of two Boys! I love what I do and can't wait to get back in full swing once things turn around.

6. You said that Matt's family lives close by, where is your family and do you get to see them often?
Relatively speaking, my family is also close by. It takes me roughly one hour and 20 minutes one way to travel to my parent's house. They live in a little town called Mabank, Texas. This is the town I grew up in. If you were to put your finger on the map smack in between Dallas and Tyler, you'd land on Mabank. Most people know the area for Cedar Creek Lake. I usually see my family once a week or minimally twice a month. I have an older and a younger sister. My older sister lives in North Dallas with her little girl who is Ryder's exact age. My younger sister lives in Mabank and runs a Bed & Breakfast in town.

7. Does "Plus One" have a name yet?
Yes..he does! We have decided to keep it under wraps until he makes his grand appearance. We or I struggled with a name for this little one and that is why I initially didn't tell anyone. I felt for sure we would probably change the name, so we just kept it to ourselves. It does look like the name we chose is going to has grown on us both and I hope you all will like it, too!

Now it is your turn! Take these questions or make them your own...what a fun way to learn about each other!


Mary said...

Yay! So honored to have planted a seed...ha! Love getting to learn more about you and your family. Y'all are like our opposites as far as kids-we don't know what it's like to be married without them! Cute story how he migraited to sit closer to you! I only knew two people who majored in construction science- Cody Bailey and Brian Attaway. Both '01. Did you know them? It's not that big of a world...figure you might!