Monday, September 20, 2010


Oh little Dix.  How your absence has broken our hearts.  You were our first little project together.  We got you when we were just engaged and still lived in College Station.  We named you Dixie after that little joint on University...the "Dixie Chicken".  You've been with us this entire journey...for our Wedding Day and for every first there after.

You've always been a little scaredy cat.  We took you in the car and you always climbed way under the seat....I guess that made you feel safe. 

We  took you camping and you huddled under our legs or got all oiled up in the bacon grease.  You would roll over in hopes that you might get a belly rub.

You have always loved your crate and if you weren't inside of it, you'd lay just inside our bedroom door.

You have always barked at the doorbell.  I can still hear your bark...but I know it will slowly begin to fade and I'll start to question it's sound.

You love your summer haircut.  You always run like crazy right after you get that thick winter coat shaved off.

Most people think you look like a little fox.  When I held you, you would wrap your two front paws around my arm.  You always sat right beside me. You would nudge my leg with your wet nose or front paw, my clue that you needed a pat.

I love your front teeth (weird, I know).  We used to lift your lips up and make you talk like a puppet.  You never got mad.

I could get down low and slap the ground with my hand and you'd run the other direction in a huge circle, finally coming back for me to do it all over again.

You always jumped at my back with your muddy paws right after I had gotten dressed for the day.  I took to saying, "No Jumping, No Jumping, No Jumping, No Jumping"...all the way to your food bowl.

You loved Ryder and Rustin.  You were our little vacuum cleaner once the boys came along.  As soon as dinner was over we'd yell for you to come clean up.

You went missing on Saturday.  We were gone most of the day running our weekend errands.  We may never know what happened to you Dix, but we do love and miss you something awful.  When I realized that You really weren't on the patio... that You really weren't just hiding in the boy's playhouse...that You really weren't huddled behind the lounge chair...that You really weren't pacing next to the stomach dropped.  When I realized You really weren't coming inside Saturday night, I melted.  I double checked your crate to make sure you hadn't been sneaky and run in without us seeing.  You've done that before.  I checked every room in the house.  I posted flyers less than an hour after I realized You weren't home.

I want the lump in my throat to go away and I want the hole in my heart to be filled.  I want You back sweet girl.

I know there were times that we probably seemed frustrated with you...especially after the babies were born but I promise that we have and always will love you.  We pray that you are safe and sound whether it is in the arms of a stranger or God himself.  Hugs and Kisses from your family.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joy, my heart breaks for you guys... praying you'll find your way back to each other again soon!

Misty Rice said...

Ugh.... crying now. I know how you feel. I love my animals that deeply too. They are family.

Oh how I hope she shows back up.

I hope she is safe and warm and fed. I hope she isn't scared or hurting.

Wrapping you in thoughts and prayer. This breaks my heart.

Becky Connet said...

So sorry to hear about Dixie, Joy, Matt, Ryder and Rustin. It is so hard to not know anything...we have been through that with two dogs, and it's hard to let go of the hope of being back together. Praying for you and for sweet Dixie! :(

Chris, Miranda, Prestley & Hudsyn said...

I'm so sorry, I hope you find her soon!

Dian said...

Ohhhh, what a sad time. I'm so sorry. Your thoughts brought to mind so many of our beloved pets long gone.
Watched the old "Lassie Come Home" last week and cried like I did as a child.
Dixie, come home to so much love waiting for you. God, keep Dixie safe and bring Dixie home. Thank You, in Jesus (who I know loved animals)Name.

Carley said...

oh joy that is so sad! i hope she comes home soon! this tribute to her was precious!