Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Pink Barrel

Y'all know I'm a Mama to exclusively boys, so I jump at the chance to do anything "cute" for all of my nieces. Our little Anna or "Yanna" as Ryder calls her turned 3 over the weekend. 

She is my sister's little girl.  I'd introduce you to my sister with a picture, but for some reason nobody in my family likes their picture taken. 

Anyway...she loves to dress up.  We decided to revamp an old barrel for her to store all of her dress up clothes in. 

My sister and I actually used this same barrel when we were kids for all of our dress up attire.  It was previously covered in fabric.  I removed the fabric and Matt taped it off.  We sprayed it with a hot pink paint and then stenciled some polk-a-dots on it.  Such an easy fix!


Mary said...

Once again, great idea that I'd never have thought of! Very cute!