Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today Ryder is Three.  Your day was all about Chuck E. Cheese (wow...we'll never forget this experience) and trains.  You've been waiting all month for it to finally be your day...for everyone to finally sing Happy Birthday to Ryder!  We had cupcakes at school with your friends yesterday.  When they sang Happy Birthday...all you could do was put your hands over your face!  I don't think I've ever seen you happier.  Your sweetness melts my heart!

This year you became a big brother.  You are an amazing big brother.  Your favorite part of the day is going to check on Rustin.  You always tell him Good Morning!!  Even if it is nighttime. You also like to tell him, "No No Ru-tin!". It really is cute.  

This year you started talking.  Really talking.  I went from being Mong, to Mommy, to Mom.  The phone went from Ba, to Bone, to Phone.  Rustin went from Baby to Ru-tin.  Ducks are still Gucks.  You gave up Blanket and acted like it was no big deal. 

You still love the Park and ask to go almost every day.  An Apple Juice slush is your favorite drink and a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal with French Fries is your favorite meal.  You can spot Mc-A-Donald's, Lowes, Target or Costco from a mile away.  Mickey Mouse is your favorite but you also love Olivia the Pig and Sesame Street.  Howdy Reveille is your favorite book.  We read it every night and you can identify the Meteorology Building, the Academic Building, The Century Tree, Sully, the MSC, Kyle Field, the Fish Pond and Yell Leaders.  That's pretty impressive little man!

I can't wait to see what 4 brings.  Love you Sweet Baby Ryder!


Janelle said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to your little man! We still need to get together one of these days so our kids can meet and play!
Lizzy and Tori can both point out any Targets, Costcos, McDonald's and IHOPs (or the Waffle Store as they call it). So adorable!
I need to get that Reveille book, sounds pretty cool!