Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank You! Love- Rustin

Did you know that today is my birthday? Of course you did, my crazy Mama has plastered it everywhere. Thank you so much for all of the love showered on me these last few days. My first year has been so much fun.

My Mom instantly fell in love with me.

 Ryder wasn't so sure about me those first few days.

He came a long way in just a few short weeks.  In the beginning I was simply his "baby", but last Spring he started calling me "Ru-tin".  Sometimes my Mom and Dad call me that, too.  I'm not trying to brag, but Ryder and I are pretty much inseparable now.

  Ryder helped me celebrate my very first birthday at McDonald's today!  Hooray! PS- McDonald's is our favorite restaurant EVER!  Ryder used to just call it French Fries, but this month he started calling it Mc-a-Donald's.   Ryder says they have the best French Fries, but I prefer a hamburger/no fries.  Daddy came home and we had a Cookie Cake together, his favorite.  I loved it, too!  Thanks to everyone who made mine and my Dad's Birthday so special! Love- Rustin

P.S....Here are my 1 Year Stats:
Weight:  19lb. 6 oz.
Height:  30.25 in.


Carley said...

What a sweet post about your baby boy!! I am so glad I have gotten to meet your sweet family! Time sure does fly by, huh? I never knew how fast time goes until I was a momma! Love looking at the pictures from his first year! By the way, you look GREAT after just having a baby (in your hospital family pic!) And...in relation to the comment you left on my blog....you are tiny too!!

Andi said...

Wow, Joy. I think Rustin looks so much like you! What a honey. I love how he smiles for mama (and the camera).