Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Ryder

My sweet friend and one of my college roommates, Janelle, does the greatest posts called "Out of the Mouth of Tori".  Tori is her super funny little girl.  We've had a few "Out of the Mouth of Ryder" moments here today:

1.  "Mom!  Rustin went Poo Poo! Ohhhhh...Yuck.".
Actually he didn't. He dropped several pieces of his McDonald's Hamburger Patty off of his highchair and onto the floor.  Honestly, Ryder...you might not be too far off on that observation.

2. "Mommmmmmmm.... Where are the lemons?".
His response to my pitcher of lemonade Kool-Aid.  Ryder...I love you, but you will not be getting fresh slices of lemon in your Kool-Aid anytime soon.  Be happy we use Splenda instead of sugar.

3.  I heard him calling Dixie and he quickly ran and looked inside of his playhouse.  He turns to me and asks, "Mom, where is Dixie?".  I responded by telling him I wasn't sure.  He points toward the pasture next door and says, "Well, I think she is playing with the Cows".  I hope you're right sweet boy....

Update as of bath time:  All soaped up he says, "Yeah!  I look just like a Snowman!".


Candace said...

Aw! I hope your sweet Dixie turns up! I just wanted to let you know that I featured you in my weekly post today! God Bless!

Janelle said...

Oh YAY I love that you are writing down your Ryder-isms. It's so fun to go back and re-read Tori's hilarious quotes. Oh, kids make me laugh sometimes (and cry the other times!).

Hope you're doing well. We are making out plans to come up to the Fair next month. It would be fun to see ya'll.