Sunday, August 26, 2012

Riding in the Car

Riding in the car on Friday, Ryder asked, "Mom, how do I get a message to God?".

I responded with, "You say a prayer, Ryder.".

Immediately, I hear him say from the back of the car, "Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Dear God, its Me Ryder.  Could you please make the doughnut shop be open after lunch? Amen.".

I love knowing that he already turns to God...even if it's for the doughnut shop.

UPDATE: This morning he woke up with a serious question regarding our previous conversation on getting messages to God.  It went something like this:

Ryder:  "Mom...where does God and Jesus put your message after they read it?"
Me:  "They keep your words in their heart."
Ryder:  "They eat our messages??".

In other conversations this is just in:  Ryder:  "Mom...getting married to a girl is disgusting.  Right?".  Me:  "You're right, think that as long as you want."

I love this boy more than his brother loves skittles...and that is a A LOT of loving!