Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet the Teacher

My kids are still in Preschool and not Elementary.  The Teachers do a tremendous amount for them...especially Rustin who is just shy of 3.  In an effort to get the boys excited about going back to school, I asked them to help me put something together that the Teachers could use in their classrooms this year.

We decided on Dry Erase boards.  They were fairly easy to assemble and don't cost a fortune either.

I found the boards at Target for $6.  I found the package of pens and magnets at Michaels for $7 total. I was able to divide the pens and magnets between the two boards I was making.  That brought the the total cost of each board to $10.   I printed a little tag with a "catchy" saying that I can't take credit for...I saw it on a Pin board during one of my Pinterest surfing nights.  I attached the tag with some tulle and ribbon that I had in my craft closet.

Here is a copy of the tag that I made.  It is a JPG file that you can cut out with scissors or a paper cutter. 

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the tag that you can feed all of your ribbons through.

 I have a cutting machine and used it to cut vinyl letters for the initials of our school (First Faith Preschool and Kindergarten).  I added this to the bottom corner of the board as an extra touch, but it is obviously not necessary.

Most kids have started school, but this can always be used during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Enjoy!