Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clotheslines, Tee-Pees and Lots of Pictures with No People...

I was up early this morning with a baby kicking me in the side ferociously and another baby coughing his head off upstairs. Why is it you can sleep and never feel a pain of hunger, but the minute you wake up it is on? I feel like I am hungry every waking minute of the day. I found out on Wednesday that I have already gained as much weight with this pregnancy as I did my entire pregnancy with Ryder. Initially I was alarmed and decided I really needed to get focused on being more active and eating healthier...this morning that initial shock as worn off. I filed that bit of information into the back of my head and decided I am not going to let it deter my desire for cinnamon rolls.

Looking out the back window as I place the rolls in the pan, I see a string of sweet little man items strung across the fence.

How does this fence turn into a clothesline every summer? Guess we have a trace of trash in us! I'm sure one day, I'll truly miss the absent signs of the little ones that inhabit this house and keep our daily lives incredibly interesting. Makes me think that I shouldn't obsessively have a bottle of windex in my hands wiping the back door of little finger prints and dog kisses, but rather be grateful that I have the love of these creatures with me!

On another note, Ryder and I hit First Monday in Canton yesterday with my Mom, Sisters and Cousin Anna. For those of you who don't know....Canton is basically a huge flea market. But, it is not solely junk...there is lots and lots of decor and cute little boutique like items. My parents live about 20 minutes from the grounds, so I make it out there probably more than I should. Ryder got a really fun Tee-Pee. I wasn't sure about it at first, but my Mom convinced me that he loved it and she was buying it for him. I hated the fabric that was on it...but last night Matt and I got it out in his playroom and it actually wasn't that bad. Ryder had a blast going in and out, repeat, repeat, repeat!

We also picked up a few things for "Plus One". The items were totally not what I had envisioned for his room, but I think we will be able to make it all come together and work. Thank you, Gran!

Last weekend we moved Ryder into my "old" office. We actually moved my office downstairs after Christmas and the old office space has just been serving as a storage room. We got some things sold, set some stuff out for the trash and took some more to Goodwill...sigh. Finally, we were able to clear it out enough to move Ryder in. The closet is still full of all of my gift wrap and crafting it is still up in the air where those items will go. Once I figure that out, I'll be able to move all of R's clothes and shoes over. During the whole move, Matt converted R's bed into a "Big Boy" Bed. Literally, the Bed is higher than ours. Matt's parents graciously picked up the Mattress and delivered it to our house since Matt was at the Ranger's game. We put rails on it and moved it to the wall. I am proud to report two nights in a row of staying in the Bed! Yay, Ryder!!!
On Thursday, Ryder had his last day of Mother's Day Out until next Fall. This was Ryder's class photo of his MDO group...I thought it was hilarious...all these little babies lined up! Ryder looks a little on the giant side...but he was only 11 months old for 3-weeks. That's what September Birthdays do for ya!

We swam this week almost every day, played with our Cousins Syd & Madison, and had a playdate with Bryce! Ryder lovesx3 his cousin Madison and I love having them over because they are good little helpers!!

Bryce is Ryder's little BFF two doors down. Those two play really well together..both just kind of doing there own thing and leaving the other alone. We did have a few incidents when they went to meet the sweet little girl who lives across the street. It involved breaking all of her sidewalk chalk and pushing her down so that they could take posession of "HER" ball. Outside of that I'd say the semi-play date was a success!

OK, so much for a short little post about our clothesline...and now the aroma of my cinnamon rolls is calling me!


Janelle said...

This may sound weird, but it is so refreshing to see other kids with helmets out there. We need to decorate Liz's like the little boy Jack in the photo.
Was the MDO through your church? I need to find something like that here in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Ryder's in a big-boy bed?! I'm so impressed! I'm thinking Trevor may stay in his crib until his head hits the ceiling when he stands in it. Okay, maybe not that long...but I'm sooo chicken when it comes to that!