Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Austin Weekend....

This rainbow was in the sky at the end of our beautiful weekend! Matt has been far better than I at keeping up with friends from his past. This past weekend we went to see our good friends, Chris & Nima and their daughter Rylee. Matt and Chris went to high school together and would probably still be inseparable if we didn't live 2.5 hours away. Those two jet back to 1995 the minute they see each other, as if 15 years haven't passed since they were taking extra long lunch breaks at the "Wokaholic". Or at least they tell me that is what the Restaurant was called...maybe they have just been pulling my leg. Nima and I learn something new every single time we get together. Each revelation is usually followed by shock and then hysterical laughing! We had a blast guys and thank you so much for inviting us down!
Rylee basking in the Sun at Amy's Ice Cream

"A Restaurant with a Park Mom...this is Heaven!"