Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday No More...

I will start by saying that I am usually a fan of Target...I wasn't today. In fact, they disturbed me so greatly a few hours ago, that I have had to break my Wednesday Silence…LOL! I go to Target when I need to get other things besides strictly groceries. In large part I frequent Target, because I cannot handle Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart is old, it smells, the carts feel germy; and I am pretty sure my son, myself and most likely my unborn child will catch some kind of bug before we leave. So, Target is the spot for the Smith's.

Ryder and I headed to Target this morning after our walk. I needed a Birthday gift and some Toiletries in addition to a few groceries. I am trying my hardest to monitor our budget a little more tightly these days. I am clipping coupons, shopping grocery ads, carrying my calculator with me. I just figure every little bit saved counts. I purchase Ryder a Popcorn and Icee. It is seriously only $2. Well worth its value since it keeps him very occupied, and I am able to go through coupons and scan prices. To boot, it served as lunch today (yikes! I tried to give him something nutritious when we got home but his belly was full). OK, so I had all of the coupons collected and we are ready to check-out. Ryder was just starting to get ancy, but no worries...we'll be out of there in a flash. Whatever!

Seriously, Target is the "Coupon Nazi". I am not even kidding when I tell you that the checker was making me go through the bags of groceries that she had already stowed away in my basket to prove I had purchased the item the coupon was for. Really??? First, I promise I am not a thief...much less if I were, I think I'd try to be a little more clever than to commit theft by coupon! And if you are listening Target, even if I had mistakenly handed you a coupon that I didn't have the correct product for, I am sure you could afford the .35 cents. I will spare you all my rants on their return policy, although that is another one I could go off on.

Yes, I officially became the person "holding up the line". The person who frustrates all of us the let this be my official apology to the people in line behind me. Although I realize they neither know who I am much less read this blog, I feel better airing my sincere gratitude to them.

My little popcorn belly just laid down and I am now off to attempt to get Cherry Red Icee out of a brand new white t-shirt...not sure what I was thinking on that part!


Kim Spaniel said...

Oh Joy, I'm right there with you! You are sooo right in our Target being the "coupon nazi". I once had a checker make me feel like I was doing something wrong when used several coupons. He even had the nerve to make a comment something about "yeah, they are catching on to people like you." My mouth fell open. I didn't have the guts to say anything and I left the store fuming mad. I got halfway to my car and something made me march back in there and ask to speak to the manager. He was very apologetic and said the checker would be better trained on customer service. The "chubby, teddy bear looking guy still works there and I ALWAYS stay away from his line!

Sorry you had to experience the same thing. :(

Janelle said...

Yeah, I have noticed Target are kind of stingy on the coupons. On the flipside, as gross as walmart is, they will honor any coupon w/o asking any questions. Go figure.
I love the popcorn drink combo too! It's the ONLY way we can make it around Target in peace.

Mary said...

Gonna try the icee thing for sure...and I love Target but went through a strike after I had Charlie and they didn't let me return gifts from my shower. It always gets me back in though :)