Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes I just feel like I need to make a post...

Sometimes life seems so boring that I don't really think there is anything to post about, but feel like I need to. Ever have that feeling? I guess life hasn't really been that boring, but when it is your life it all seems to start running together and become the same. I guess I should be thankful for the relative quietness that life has been dealing us lately. This was literally a few minutes ago when R woke up and was waiting for me to come get him out of bed. I don't think we've ever shown the notorious green blanket on the Blog before. Everyone in our family knows it well. One day this poor, tattered blanket will go into retirement. So too will go the almost daily washings to rid it of "Stink". I'll be sad, but Matt will be doing a Happy Dance! He's not Linus, but a close second!


Connors said...

That is so cute! We don't have a loved item just yet. Evan has an entourage of stuff he takes with him to bed, but it changes like the weather (in Indiana - that's a lot). What a big boy in his bed! We're not there yet - we scream when we try. I think we'll just have to take the crib away some day and show him there aren't any other options.

By the way- I took a class on cake decorating. It was the Wilton, step 1, 4 week class. Aunt Pam can put us to shame though - those gum paste flowers are amazing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Joy! I love the new look! Try not to worry too much about how things will be when "+1" gets here. It's true, it's harder waking up when the "bigs" don't allow you to sleep in. But truly, the middle of the night stuff doesn't last too terribly long (hopefully).

I'm still nowhere near getting them on the same schedule and things change every day. A lot of times, I forego my shower until bedtime because sleeping a little extra is more valuable to me. And once they're up and moving, it's rare that I take time out to shower.

It's just one of those seasons in life when things are a little hectic... It seems to all go by so fast with Tatum, I honestly didn't mind the tiredness and middle of the night stuff, because I just wanted to be with her.

Bottom line- you'll do fine.