Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I am Wondering....

1. I wonder why we have a large room upstairs, full of a zillion different types of toys, when the boy of the house only wants to be downstairs playing with the answering machine and other things not boy related?

2. I wonder what we should name above said boy's baby brother? We've tossed several names around, but I haven't found one that I felt was "It". Whenever we have made a large purchase, like our home, Matt has always said..."I want you to be excited and say this is the one..not well this is the best of what we have seen so far". I feel like this is what I have done with names so far. There are a few which are the best of the ones we have come up with, but none that I have totally fallen in love with. I think God will tell us what to name this sweet boy...just waiting to hear what he says.

3. I wonder what is so intriguing about trash, toilets, alarm clocks and cell phones to a 20- Month old?

4. Update: This wonder has been deleted. Matt decided it did not put me/us in the best light, LOL! If you read this know what lunchtime incident I am talking about.

5. I wonder if I am going to have a "Bed Battle" on my hands tonight after the above said boy finally figured out how to get "out of bed" at the nap we just finished?

6. I wonder why it is always so hard to think of something new for dinner?

7. I wonder what it will feel like when I am able to bend over to pick things up again?

8. I wonder if I'll ever get tired of hearing the sweet southern drawl of the above said boy saying "Bye".

9. I wonder about inevitable changes...I also wonder about frivolous things...ex. Why do I hate to dry my hair? Seriously, I dread taking a shower just because I hate to dry my hair. Or why do I feel like Ryder looks like an old man wearing no belt with his pants pulled up too high every time I try to put a "Onesie" on him? And, I just realized I have a dryer full of clothes and a dishwasher full of clean dishes...why don't clothes fold themselves and dishes magically fly into cabinets?

10. I wonder....

PS...Here is audio of No. 8. It's actually video, but close your eyes and listen so that it becomes just audio. I guess what I am saying, is that I am a horrible videographer (word?)!
Also, let me just give some insight that might help translate what you are listening to: In Ryder Language Phone = Ba. This is how a conversation on the Ba goes: Hi! zzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzb. Byyyyy-e!


Misty Rice said...

Oh man I SOOO hate to blow dry my hair. When I was pregnant and not trying to get you in trouble with the hubby. I would get my then long hair blown out at the salon once a week, and I wouldn't wash until my a day or two before my next blow out. I hate blow drying my hair even my now short hair. I wonder why that is?

I hate washing clothes, folding clothes and especially putting them away.

I hate unpacking after a long trip.

I hate anyone cutting or filing my nails so I only go in for polish change.

Oh wait you didn't ask ME what I didn't like or wondered did you?

I wonder why.

I guess I should have written my own post.

Anonymous said...

Okay... you're cracking me up! About the ipod- ew. I have no clue on that one.

Baby names are hard- but I'm sure you'll think of something great! Surfing random blogs is a good idea!

And drying the hair... I whole heartedly agree on that one. I think even hair dressers hate drying my hair. I have fine hair, but a LOT of it. My latest hair dresser charges me a bit extra for the time and muscle it takes. And my hair is barely shoulder length! Growing it out was the best idea b/c now I can put it up wet and it doesn't look horrible.

And oh sweet Ryder... that's one of the best "bye's" I've heard in a while! Too too cute!