Monday, June 29, 2009

Free Indoor Fun!

You are looking at our Monday Morning free indoor activity! Now I just need to teach him to scrub dishes in the process!


Mary said...

Big loud honeywell fans friend-it's the only way!

Anonymous said...

When i first tried this with Trevor, he took a cup and poured the water on his belly (and all over the floor) the way he does in the bath. So now, I strip him down and sit him in the sink and let him play. Much less mess that way! I love Ryder's smile... so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Also...I had to jump in on the sound-drowning conversation. We use "noise makers"...nature sounds clock radios. Here is a link to the ones we have:

We set it to "rain" and they sleep with them on. Trev and Tatum's rooms are pretty near each other and without these machines, I am certain they'd wake each other with crying, playing, etc. Tatum's naps were never during peaceful, quiet times (like Trevors were) because he was always downstairs making some kind of noise. So...these help!