Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy Bee...

Busy Bee this week with a toddler who only wants to be outside and has entered full-fledged back on the floor, kicking legs in the air, fit throwing stage. I don't know what to do guys. I try to ignore it. We sit in the corner. I don't want to give in, but sometimes I am so tired of hearing the fit that I do. I don't want to be the person who has the kid nobody wants to be around, but disciplining a 20 month old is like walking a fine line. I feel like all he hears me say is "No". Anyway, I'll take any advice! Generally he is a very good kid...he is just a little on the stubborn side and very set in his ways!

I've also had to work this week, which I am not complaining about since it is very sparse these days! For those of you who don't know, I consult as a 3rd Party to Financial Institutions on the Construction Loans they issue. Guess what isn't going on these days...Construction. Guess who has no money to lend, especially for construction work...Banks. Guess what that means...Joy's workload has dropped tremendously! I tell myself it is a blessing in disguise and I should just feel happy that my husband still has his job! My Costco fund has just decreased slightly!

I ventured out to Sonic last night for the free Rootbeer Float. When I saw the line down the road, I thought that if I calculated the time and fuel that it would take to wait for the float, Sonic would need to pay me money. Guess who waited in line. I really wanted some ice cream! By the time I got my float, it was half melted..sigh...I ate it anyway!

I'm in desperate need of making a Target run and going to the Bank, neither of those I have managed to work into my schedule. It just seems so much easier to lay my big self on the lounger in back while Ryder plays on his new playset and splashes in the pool and sprays himself with the water ball, than to load him into the hot car and keep him occupied as I maneuver down the aisles of the grocery.

My dryer is still full from laundry I started two days ago...sorry babe. I promise I'll finish it! Now it is dinner time and I once again am out of ideas. Ryder is eating our left over Mac & Cheese from last night and I think I hear plates hitting the off to tend to him. Love to All!


Anonymous said...

Joy... been there friend! There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from doing it all to do what you NEED to do. I know it sounds silly, but don't forget you're pregnant! You are already a mommy to your energy and emotions to both your baby boys! Rest when you need to and take time to delight in every day joys. Laundry can wait. And by the way, tonight... we ALL had mac and cheese for dinner (not just Trevor!) ;-)

And... don't worry about managing 2 kiddos. It does ebb and flow... there are just as many, if not more, good things about having 2 than there are hard things.

Connors said...

It's entirely frustrating, but going with it is what I've found to be best. Don't be afraid to ask your family for help either. I ask Andria all the time.

With the tantrums (we're there too), Evan will throw himself to the ground with his face flat on the floor. I just walk away and tell him what I'm doing (playing a puzzle, watching Elmo, playing trucks). He usually gives up (but it does get old). I'm usually ready to go back to school in August because 12 year olds (usually) listen to their teachers. HANG IN THERE! :-)

The Hoelscher Five said...

I found your blog through Lisa Banks'. I LOVE BLOGS and yours is very cute! Just wanted to say Hi and that I put you in my favorites so I could keep up with the "four" of ya' Smith's! BTW, I read back through some of your posts and I think the Target one is FANTASTIC! I am a total Target girl and I think the day in question is the day I saw you in the parking lot and didn't recognize you at first under your ball cap!! Jen Hoelscher

Mary said...

Oh yes I love the tantrums! My answer might be a little politically INcorrect but Ty got spankings for fits once I knew he understood what he was doing. I'd tell him to stop his fit or he was going to get a spanking and within a few months he would start a fit then say, "no fit! No fit!" hilarious. He is an edgy little man so if I'd done the walk away thing I swear he'd have gotten the best of me. My pediatrician agreed with me that he would get so mad and into his drama that me walking away would not have stopped him or stolen his thunder. It's one way to do it-maybe not right but it's worked for us. Now idea what will work with her. Popping her hands doesn't work-she looks at me like, "that all you got?" lol