Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He Survived!

Yesterday was Ryder's first day of Pre-school for the year. You guys remember that I was more worried than he was. In fact, I was so worried and am so pregnant, that I didn't even take a picture of him! He wasn't dressed fancy anyway...on Meet the Teacher Night we learned that they will be getting messy this year. In lieu of ruining anything nice, he just wore a Target T-shirt and some Khaki Shorts.

I packed more than I knew he would eat for lunch, in an effort to make sure he would eat SOMETHING. When I picked him up, his teacher casually asked me, if I was confused about who I needed to feed...Ryder or the whole class? I wasn't sure whether to be offended or just take it as a funny gesture...hmmm....

Anyway, he did cry when I dropped him off, but he was able to tell me "Bye-Bye" and give me a kiss through the tears. It made me choke up a little bit. I initially wanted to jerk him up and take him with me. His teacher told me that they were going outside in the next few minutes. You all know my little man loves, loves, loves the outside. I knew he'd be happier there, then he would be stuck up in his playroom, while I was working on the computer. He now cries when he sees me go towards the computer. I kept telling myself that as I drove away.

I decided to make a quick Starbucks run. Pumpkin Spice is out as of yesterday!! I wait for this time of year just for that drink. I crave that drink during all of the other seasons. I get secretly excited that cool weather is on our horizon when I see the Pumpkin Spice sign on their Order Board! O.K., so if it isn't obvious, Pumpkin Spice is my favorite drink of the whole year...I made it "Decaf" for Plus One's sake. Drink in hand and out of the Starbucks Parking Lot, I looked at my clock.

Here is where "Psycho Mom" enters the scenario.

According to Ryder's schedule, he would still be outside playing. I decided to drive back by the Church and make sure that he was having a good time. I didn't want him to be the kid in the corner of the playground picking at grass all by himself. Rest assured, I found a crazy-happy almost 2-year old, running around with the biggest smile on his face. That sinking feeling I had went away and I was so glad he was having fun!

I found out that he did sleep on his Nap mat for a little over an hour! Yaaa, Ryder! They got to sing and dance in Music and give the Hermit Crabs a Bath. Thank goodness he gets his dose of Hermit Crabs in at pre-school, because I don't want any creature that belongs in a cage to ever live in our house. Tomorrow they will practice giving Babies a Bath with Baby Dolls! How perfect is that...I'll have a little helper next week! LOL!

So, all in all, I think his day went good! We finished it up with a trip to Sonic for a Happy Hour Slush and a trip to the Backyard for Swinging, the Water Ball and the Pool! Well, the pool had to wait until Daddy got home. With the cooler nights, the water temperature is down to 80 Degrees. This Mama doesn't do 80 Degree water and I found out that Daddy doesn't do 80 Degree Water either. I think his exact words were, "I Love You, Ryder...but that water is even too cold for Daddy!". Thank goodness for a Hot Tub that is Ryder sized!

I promise to pull my camera back out and start putting pictures with these post again real soon! Next week we'll have Ryder and "Plus One" to debut here!


Mary said...

I'm so glad he enjoyed it! I fear Ty didn't have so much fun...and I know for sure he didn't sleep. Here's hoping he will one day...

You're not psycho mom at all--If I thought I could see where they play I'd totally take the girls and camp out to watch him. They shield his little playground where he goes, probably because of psycho moms of the past :)

You'll have to show a pic of his nap mat for me! Ha!