Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's Who?

We are home and settling into life with two little boys! I've been pretty proud of us...the past two mornings we have all been fully dressed and out the door before 9 a.m.! Yesterday it was to get Ryder to school...I went ahead and took him to his class so that we could get him back into his usual routine. Today, Rustin had to go to the Doctor for his weight check. I know for a fact this all went so smoothly because Matt is still home with me. Next week will be the real test and lets just say I am afraid....very afraid!

Ryder has been really good for us...I think Rustin still scares him a little bit...but he is getting used to him being around all of the time. It is scary to me how much Rustin looks like Ryder looked at this age. Seriously, if they were both'd swear they were twins. We'll have to see how Rustin changes as he gets older!

I'll try to keep as many posts coming as I can during this adjustment phase!

Here is a picture of Rustin and Ryder in the same outfit at about the same age..can you tell who is who?


Mary said...

Wow those are twins for sure!! Praying for your transition to being a mommy of 2!

Anonymous said...

Wow! they do look VERY much alike... how fun it will be to see how they grow! It sounds like you are doing well...and don't stress about when Matt goes to back to work- you'll do great! Just take it one day (hour, minute) at a time!

Connors said...

I'm gonna guess the top one is Ryder and the bottom one is Rustin. Not because of their looks, but because of their surroundings. I'm guessing the toys with the tags on it are for Ryder and the Aggie socks are for Rustin....too cute though! Glad you're doing well.

Misty Rice said...

THats crazy.

Welcome home and glad to hear how well you are physically doing after just giving birth.

Now we need birth details? Did water break? All that info. LOL