Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I made it Out!

Both kids are sleeping right now and I am finally catching up on over a week's worth of Blogs. Instead of doing a "Wordless Wednesday" post, I am going to shout to the world that I made it out of the house with 2 kids today! We went to the Activity Center so Ryder could run around and play...he had a blast like he always does. Rustin stayed all bundled and closed up in the stroller sleeping the entire time. I was kind of a freak and kept him totally covered and away from all other human activity...I am so afraid of germs when they are this tiny.

Next we had to make a quick trip to Target for some absolute necessities. Ryder had to ride in the cart part and Rustin stayed in the carrier at the front of the basket. Besides an open box of Wheathins and a crushed box of cereal, courtesy of Ryder, there were no real incidents. It felt invigorating to do something on my own!

Alright, now that I've opened up my brag bag for you all, I am going to finish catching up on your lives! ☺


Anonymous said...

You GO girl! Just keep doing, and you'll work out more kinks each trip. I had to come by here and give you a quick tip on teaching "gentle" that has really worked for us...

We have been teaching Trevor how to be "gentle" with everything you can think of, instead of just with baby. I think it has become something fun, and makes him feel like he's accomplished something. That way, when we remind him to be "gentle" with her, he doesn't seem to feel like he's stifled all the time.

Examples: Trevor, can you close the door "gentle"... and show him to do it softly. Or "Can you close the dishwasher, gentle?" or Can kiss mommy gentle? etc.

Now, after MUCH practice, we can trust that when we say "Can you give Tatum her paci GENTLE?" that he will use every bit of restraint he can muster and do so sweetly.

Just ideas... keep or toss!

Mary said...

Yay!! Before you know it you will have a normal busy day with both in tow and realize at the end of the day it felt...well...normal. It takes lots of trial and error but you'll get it soon! You sound like you're doing great!

The Sabins said...

Oh my oh my, what is this adorableness in your world!? Congrats to you all!!! Wow - You are already out and about? Well-done lady and well-deserved brag!!