Saturday, September 12, 2009


Why am I the only one in this house who is not sleeping at this very minute? I just went to check on everybody and this is what I found:
Ryder...who refused to take a nap earlier and was then told he had to have quiet time in his room. Ummm...his room is a DISASTER!! We'll have to pick that up once he is awake.
One very tired Daddy...he has been so amazing this week! I love you so much, Babe!
Rustin....a very sleepy 5 day old baby. On another note, do they really learn to put their arms up behind their head as they snooze this soon?


Misty Rice said...

Cure. I used to find Hunter asleep in his room like this when he was Ryders age. As for Rustin, he doesn't look like a new born. He looks like a couple of months old already. Or at least in this picture he does.

And your are not asleep because this is your only free time and quiet time, so hope you enjoyed it. LOL

Connors said...

Too cute.

Yes - I have pictures of Evan with his hands up like that when he was about a week old. How sweet are all of these boys? :-)