Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Post from Ryder...

Did you hear that I had a Birthday? I spent yesterday celebrating with Elmo and Cookie Monster!
Daddy heated the pool so we could have a celebratory swim! I decided the steps were a good place to tell the girls how it feels to be Two! A huge thank you to my Auntie Em for letting me and my girls swim to you all afternoon!

Daddy came swimming, too!

" Umm...We don't want to wear these hats...we just want to eat Cheetos!"

Look what Mama and Daddy made for me...Yum!

I decided maybe I should grab a cupcake before I blew out the candles!

Here is a closer do you see why I couldn't resist? A cupcake and cookie all in one bite!


I got so many presents....

...but I loved the Shaker Car Grandma got me!

Granddaddy watched us Swim...

Next Daddy hung Cookie from the Tree. I was a little worried for Cookie, so I stayed way back on the slide. "Oh No! Cookie!!! Watch out! Cousin Madison is about to Whack you!"

"Oh Cookie...I tried to warn you..."

Great Grandma Smith came, too! I posed with all of my Smith cousins for a family picture!

Thank you, Aunt Mindy and Grandma for all the Pictures and Video! Thank you, Gran and Aunt Kara for helping so Mommy could stay outside with me! Thank you Grandpa for swimming in the pool with me! Thank you Granddaddy for running party errands with Daddy and Me! I had an awesome party and was so happy you were all there!
Love- Ryder


Connors said...

That looks like it was tons of fun Ryder! Happy birthday! Tell your mommy and daddy that I loved the Cookie Monster cupcakes. :-)

Cousin Amber

Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

Looks like he had a great birthday. Welcome to the TWO's!

Mary said...

What great cupcakes!! And he looks like he had a wonderful birthday--you're doing great to be throwing a birthday with a new baby! See, I told you you'd get the hang of it!!