Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun with Photoshop

For fun I decided to play along (by myself) with Constructive Criticism Friday on the I Heart Faces Blog. I didn't get around to getting my link posted to their site in time.I think I mentioned the other day, that I really do not know much about my camera or photoshop.  I just click away and pray that I get something good.  I do a lot of reading on blogs and pick up things here and there and that is about the extent of my knowledge.   Anyway, I loved this picture of Ryder from playing outside yesterday and thought it would be great to frame, minus the dirty face. I played around and came up with a color and BW option.  Neither are perfect and I would hate for somebody to actually "grade" the edits...I am sure there is all kinds of wrong with them and sometimes actually hearing that can be brutal.  To be perfectly honest that fear keeps me from ever really playing the constructive criticism game.  I  mess around with the photos for fun and who knows what I will come up can be kind of like an addictive game.  If you mess up you can always just start over!