Monday, March 29, 2010

Rustin's Car

This was a post I turned into a scrapbook page.  After getting the idea from my very creative friend Heather I had visions of doing this with all of my posts starting from Ryder's first year...I have about 10 done.  I am thinking this is not going to happen as planned unless I spend a week away from reality and do nothing but scrapbook.

Anyway, this car has been Ryder's prize possession for approximately two years. It is commonly referred to around our house as "Ryder's car". We passed this beloved toy onto Rustin over the weekend.

The transition was surprisingly smooth. Ryder was absolutely excited that Rustin could drive the little red car.

We had a moment of withdrawal as Ryder pulled on Rustin and said "Ryder's turn....Ryder's car.".

But wait...pushing Rustin is so much more fun than riding in the car ... no looking back.  Ryder's little red car is now officially Rustin's little red car.

It is all yours sweet boy and you look precious in it! Aren't stripes and plaid a fashion no-no?  Just noticed that...sorry superman!


Anonymous said...

We have a cute little red car, sans the handle... you'd think it'd be more of a nuisance to have it without the handle, but they are now pushing each other and it's fantastic!

Great job on the scrap page! I have about 20 done, but am only up to Trevor at 5 months, so... behind is an understatement!

Hope we can get together soon!