Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hungry Girl

That usually describes my demeanor...Hungry Girl. I am hungry all of the time. My husband and my sister call me "Snacks" because all I do is snack. I get grouchy when I don't eat. Have you seen the Snickers commercial with Betty White? That is pretty much me when I am hungry...the transformation happens in a split-second. I would post that commercial here, but I am totally not tech-savvy and have no idea how to put a Youtube video on my blog. So.

Really all of the above is not what this post is about, but in a way it is. Matt and I have been on Weight Watchers since the first of the year. Really it was just about trying to get healthier. I had/have not been working out since I was around 36 weeks pregnant with Plus One. Exercise is one of those things that is addictive, but once you stop it is REALLY hard to start back up again. That being said...I was still holding onto some baby weight and we decided to take the plunge together. It has been really good, because we hold each other accountable. Lets face it...I would cheat all of the time, but I feel really guilty doing that when my husband is eating totally healthy every second of the day.

Slowly, I am getting to the point of this post. I was sharing Weight Watchers tips and woes with one of my girlfriends a few weeks back and she told me about the Hungry Girl website.
She said it has lots of really good ideas for low calorie, low fat, high fiber snacks. All of those three factors are pretty much what Weight Watchers is. I had been meaning and meaning to go check out her site, but never did. Yesterday I was in Bed Bath & Beyond buying refills for our Keurig. (We LOVE our Keurig...if you like coffee but do not drink a lot of coffee it is perfect. Wow, I promise this is not a product placement post). As I was exiting the store I saw this Hungry Girl Cookbook. I wasn't going to buy it since I knew she had a website, but then I did. It is so much more convenient to have recipes in the Kitchen instead of having to search online, deciding to print a recipe only to be reminded that I have no ink in the printer, you get the picture. Its a mess. Anyway, this cookbook is great! It is really more about small meals. I don't think you could prepare a huge family style meal out of this cookbook, but if you want fast/simple/healthy ideas this is the book for you! You can even preview the book through Google Reader and get an idea of the type of recipes in the book. Enjoy!

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Mary said...

Ooh never heard of it! Thanks for the tip! You're cute as a button by the way...small thing you are!