Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderful Feeling

It is truly a wonderful feeling!  I have read about it before on friend's blogs who have more than one child.  I just never realized what a cherished moment it actually is until it happened to me.  Today, right this very minute, both boys are asleep at the SAME TIME.  Wow...I have no idea what to do with myself.  Just might go enjoy some of this sunshine.  I feel sure it is sheer coincidence and I won't trick myself into believing this could become a trend.  But, I just had to say! all know that my Ryder can be trouble (with a capital "T").  We love him more than life itself, but he keeps us on our toes.

You may not have known that he has a partner in crime.

He lives two doors down and when they get together...umhum...the things they can think of blows my mind.  Double Trouble for sure.
In the bottom picture, Ryder is convincing his little buddy that it is fine to play in Daddy's shed....probably not. Prior to hitting the shed out back, I had just let the two of them play in the garage.  Our water heater is in our garage.  This morning Matt comes to me as he is leaving for work and says, "Don't let your son play in the garage.  He turned the water heater off.  My ice cold shower was amazing.".  Shoot!  I didn't mention that the water heater incident occurred on the heels of Matt finding five dvd's stuffed in the slot of his playstation 3.  Ryder...seriously...cut me some slack.  You are makin' your Mama look bad!



Mary said...

Oh no. And Oh I can relate. A few months ago I caught Ty shooting pennies into our DVD player. Rapid fire. I almost strangled him.

I'm kidding. I wouldn't actually ever do it.

The water heater story is too funny. Just tell Matt Sean can more than relate. Thankfully they don't ask, 'What is it that you do all day?" like some men do. I'd leave him in the dust for asking that. Lol

Love your new look! So Springy...