Friday, March 19, 2010

We ♥ Spring Break

Spring Break has given us a glimpse of summer...a time spent outside most of the day...a time to get endlessly dirty.

A time for Pony Tails...this is the first spring my hair has been long enough to get one up since Ryder was born. I got chopitis right after he was born and have struggled to get any length back ever since. I forgot how nice they are!

A time for jumping and jumping and jumping!

Alright so this one is on here merely for the shot of the keys. Ryder was carrying these around so I jokingly attached them to his jeans. It was awesome because I always knew where he was from the jingling of the keys. Thank you Aunt Kara and Anna for letting us spend the day with you!



Mary said...

Look how cute you are! I couldn't do it without ponytails. Seriously that's my only hair requirement. Glad you got to enjoy the day!