Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Colorful Wednesday

Plain and simple, I am a slow learner. One day I will grasp the concept that quiet is never good when combined with Ryder. Quiet, Ryder, and this smile is an even worse combination. It essentially screams TROUBLE!

I am so naive that I actually stood in my room, folding laundry and listening to the ladies on The View in peace, assuming Ryder was quietly watching Sesame Street on the I-Touch.  I stuck my head in the other room several times, making sure he did not start digging into anything toxic or dangerous.  After I had put everything away I grabbed my camera wanting to capture some of this sweet and quiet moment.  He looks up at me and flashes that big smile above saying, "Ryder Color".  Let me show you exactly what Ryder colors.

He also colored Grover (i.e. the screen of the I-Touch...thank goodness clorox wipes removed the ink).  It was all over his legs, his tummy, his shirt, his shorts.  Ryder...Mommy has a question for you.  Why do you do these things only on my watch?  Do you know how much better I would feel if you just sometimes did these things when you're with Daddy?  I'm just saying. 


Mary said...

Ahhhhh yes coloring. Happens in my house too-on my watch. Why??????

Connors said...

I'd take that any day over quiet at our house. Lately it has meant Evan has gone #2 and decided he doesn't like it in his diaper, so he smears it on the closest thing to him...the TV in the loft (the one that's in his reach) - yet he has no interest in the potty. Glad to know I'm not totally alone with a quiet 2 year old.