Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poor Baby!

Rustin...We are so sorry! Mommy and Daddy were teasing you the night before last for being overly dramatic. We even grabbed the camera and left you there to cry by yourself while we snapped away. We definitely thought these tears were worth documenting. You were trying to tell us, but we didn't listen. Poor Baby!

Dang, I felt like a bad parent yesterday. Sometimes I am just not very intuitive. Rustin woke up with a swollen eye and I blew it off to allergies. Ryder and I took him on a walk, we went to the park with friends, we went to McDonald's. We came home and I put them both down for naps. Rustin didn't sleep very long and when he woke up it looked like he had been punched in the eye. Of course, I self diagnosed him with pink-eye. I love self diagnosing my kids, my husband, myself. I called the Doctor's office and asked them to call in some pink-eye drops that I could run to Target and pick up. Their response...Nice try lady, we have to see him first. Good thing. Poor baby had massive double ear infections, pink eye in both eyes and chest congestion. I never saw it. Would have never called the Pediatrician if it hadn't been for his eye. He never ran a fever, never made a fuss I thought...then I remembered back to the night before and the above picture. Hmmm...guess there were signs, I just had my eyes closed.

I'm taking the crown today...Mom of the Year indeed.

I had to post this picture, too. Its Ryder (Obviously. I guess you didn't think it was Matt or I.). This is his new trick. He loves forts of any kind...even if the fort is simply a blanket over his head. I was going to post it yesterday as a "Wordless Wednesday", but with unknowingly taking a sick kid out on lots of adventures and then realizing that I actually needed to have the sick kid at the Doctor I ran out of time.

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Mary said...

Oh I have done that before. One time I took Charlie in for her well-child visit, (I think her 2 yr one,) and the dr asked if she'd been fussy. I said yes and that she was getting her two year molars. Um, he said, she also has horrible infections in both ears.

Oops. No fever. No big blaring signs. I felt horrible.

So you can wear the crown today but be ready to give it back to me. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried I might take the cake in non-detected ear infections given that neither of my children have ever had a single ear infection...or HAVE they? I guess maybe I should say they've never had a diagnosed ear infection. hmmmm.