Monday, April 5, 2010

For Amber

This post is for our cousin, Amber. Just so you are hard to come by here as well!

Ryder cries.

 Rustin decides to cry since Ryder is temporarily tear free.

Then Ryder cries some more.  In between the tears we keep our fingers crossed that the camera will catch something semi-good.  That is almost always how picture taking goes at this house!

PS... I forgot to say Thank you in my last post to my Mom and Dad for getting R&R these super handsome Easter outfits.  The way things worked out this year, we didn't see them on Easter so I promised to take pictures of them in their spiffy clothes!  They fit perfect and I absolutely loved them!


Connors said...

I love it! You have it in stereo! My recent trick to get Evan to look at the camera is to tell him something is the wrong color so he'll look at me and tell me I'm wrong. (So sad on my part - but we do what we have to huh?)


Janelle said...

Love their little outfits! And you look fabulous as ever. Glad you had a Happy Easter!