Monday, April 12, 2010


Hmmmm....Do you ever have one of those week's that just zooms by and you wonder where it went? I did not get a single thing accomplished last week. Pretty much just went around in circles and survived each day. I am in denial about this whole moving thing...if I don't think about it then it isn't really happening! This week I am back to reality. I do want to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine and I need to pull my camera out from under my desk so that it gets some use.

I spent Friday and Saturday at my parent's house which ended up being a "work" weekend, so no pictures were taken. They are making progress on a new project they are working on, so that is exciting for them.

Matt went to Cincinnati on Friday morning to visit his best friend. They go back a very, very long way and at one point I was pretty certain Matt loved Mike more than he loved me. Mike is a Veterinary Surgeon and let Matt watch him amputate a leg on Friday. Lets just say that my husband was ooober excited!

Rustin has a lingering cough that I want the Doctor to check out today and then we have laundry, laundry, laundry and house hunting to do! OK off to check on the brother and brother bear.


Mary said...

What a cute new look! I can't believe you're house hunting...I remember those days. Our house sold fast too and we were like, "Um, great. Now what?" It's a great problem to have I've heard but it does seem like a problem when you're in the middle of it! Come look in Frisco. It's cozy :)